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MPC Capital AG has developed, initiated, distributed and managed yield-oriented and tax-optimised investments for over eleven years. The range of products includes closed-end real estate funds and ship investments as well as life insurance funds, private equity funds and investment funds. In 2005, MPC Capital has rigorously diversified its range for customers with the Real Estate Opportunity Fund and the capital-guaranteed notes. The investment strategies are aligned to the business and tax conditions in the markets and investor requirements. The objective of each investment is outstanding performance with the highest possible level of security. A total of 224 funds were successfully launched by the end of 2005. Almost 120,000 customers have invested approximately EUR 4.8 billion in MPC Capital products, thus realising a total investment volume of over EUR 12 billion. MPC Capital is active in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and in total employs over 200 people. Since June 2004, MPC Capital AG has been part of the MDAX and for the third time in a row has been the market leader for closed-end investment models.