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MPC Capital share

On September 9, 2005 the MPC Capital share posted a new all-time high of EUR 69.05 and at the end of the year was quoted with an increase of 19% at EUR 65.80. A further highlight occurred in Q1 when the MPC Capital share achieved an average of almost 60,000 shares traded per day, the largest trading volume since the initial stock market flotation in September 2000.
The number of financial institutions analysing and assessing the MPC Capital stock once again showed a marked increase in 2005. A total of 20 banks are now commenting regularly on the financial figures and the business model of MPC Capital AG. The sustained interest in the share can also, in the same way as the good price performance and increased trading volume, be regarded as being due to the success of our financial communication. In this area we will continue to focus on credibility and transparency.