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Group management report

The 2005 financial year was the year of product innovation for MPC Capital AG. With the Real Estate Opportunity America Fund, the Fortrust Note and the British life insurance fund, not one but three new products were brought to market maturity. In their first year alone they accounted for a 20% share of syndicated equity. With placed capital of EUR 974 million (previous year: EUR 1,093 million), the Hamburg-based company achieved sales of EUR 191.3 million (previous year: EUR 240.2 million), earnings per share of EUR 4.10 (previous year: EUR 4.93) and a dividend of EUR 4.00 (previous year: EUR 4.00) and with them the second-best result in the company's eleven-year history. The balance sheet total of EUR 187.2 million and the equity ratio of 73% again provided an excellent financial foundation. MPC Capital maintained for the third year in a row its overall market leadership for closed-end investment models.