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MPC Capital share at new all-time high

For the shareholders of MPC Capital, 2005 brought a new all-time high. On September 9, 2005 the stock closed at EUR 69.05 in electronic trading on XETRA. At one point it had passed the EUR 70.00 mark. After the interim dividend at the start of May, the low for the year of EUR 47.70 was listed on June 27, 2005. The MPC Capital share finished the year at EUR 65.80 and posted an increase of 19%, with the result that the share did not quite keep up with the performance of the index.

Market capitalisation increased in the course of the reporting period from EUR 585 million at the start of the year to over EUR 730 million and was EUR 697 million as at the reporting date. The average trading volume of the share in the electronic trading system was over 30,000 shares per day and reached an average of almost 60,000 shares in Q1 2005, the greatest trading volume in MPC Capital's stock market history.