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Five years of stock market activity for MPC Capital

September 28, 2005 marks the sixth anniversary of the initial flotation of MPC Capital AG on the stock market. The share was launched on the market with an issue price of EUR 29.00. By the end of 2005 it had achieved a price performance of 127%. Taking into account the dividends distributed in this period of a total of EUR 9.75 per share, its performance since the initial flotation increases to a majestic 242%.

A level of growth which is also supported by the operating performance. The placed equity increased in this period from over EUR 360 million to around EUR 1 billion.

Since June 18, 2001, the MPC Capital share has been listed on the second-line stock index, the SDAX. On June 21, 2004 it was promoted into the MDAX - the share index of the 50 largest German stocks beneath the leading index, the DAX.