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Active investor relations work

In addition to belonging to a share index and the positive development
of business with an attractive dividend yield, the intensive capital market communication over the last five years has also contributed to encouraging new investors, both within Germany and abroad, to invest in the MPC Capital share and to increasing the understanding of the business model. Also, in the past year, the management has explained the company's strategy at numerous roadshows, at quarterly telephone conferences and in a multitude of individual conversations at its Hamburg headquarters and in the finance centres of Europe and North America. MPC Capital AG has taken part in several national and international conferences and has successfully solicited the confidence of institutional investors.

The Annual General Meeting in Hamburg with 700 participants, attendance at events for private shareholders and the investor relations area on MPC Capital's website were the main instruments used to keep this group of shareholders informed of how business was progressing and its strategy. Many private investors value the direct relationship with the company and the fact that MPC Capital does not communicate exclusively by e-mail but also, if required, provides the information by fax or letter.

In order to do justice to the requirements of the global capital market and to create trust, investor relations at MPC Capital follow the principle of credible and transparent financial communication. The objective is, as comprehensively as possible, to provide information promptly and openly about the business model, its sustainability and its possibilities for development. A standard which is rewarded by the capital market. This is regularly reflected in the very good placements in ranking lists for the assessment of the joint efforts of the Management Board and Investor Relations. MPC Capital sees the placements as the incentive to continually improve Investor Relations work in the future, too.