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The commercial success of MPC Capital is based on the quality, talent, creativity and commitment of its employees. The priority for human resources activities is to acquire and further develop first-class individuals for the team and retain them at MPC Capital in the long term. The corporate culture is characterised by partnership, a high degree of reliability, entrepreneurial trading and professional dealings together with great enthusiasm. The highest quality standards and professionalism were guaranteed in the reporting year, too. This ensured once again the ability of the company to innovate and develop its products further.

Regular personnel development meetings took place in which MPC Capital guaranteed the individual development of every single employee and created the foundation for continuous development. Specific measures promote the performance potential of the employees and prepare them for new responsibilities.

The number of employees in the reporting period was 215. This is an increase of 20% compared with last year (182 employees). 225 people were employed by the MPC Capital Group as of December 31, 2005. The share of employees outside Germany is 17%.

Management Board members and other managers of MPC Capital AG and its subsidiaries receive performance-related remuneration in addition to a fixed salary.

Due to the dynamic development of the Group, the activities in the area of business organisation development are very important with regard to the ongoing structural and organisational changes. At the same time, the strengths of MPC Capital AG, such as flexibility, creativity, promptness and performance in a process of permanent corporate change, must be retained and further enhanced.

The Management Board of MPC Capital AG extends its thanks to all its employees for their exceptional performance in the 2005 financial year.