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MPC Capital at a glance

We will rigorously develop our position as the largest bank-independent provider for closed-end funds and innovative investments in future. To do this, we are extending our activities in existing product lines on an ongoing basis, bringing innovative ideas to market maturity and creating the organisational prerequisites for further growth. We will do this in partnership with targeted, entrepreneurial and professional activity and in so doing, continue to orient ourselves today and in the future to important benchmarks such as reliability, enthusiasm, responsibility and sustainability.

Highlights of the year

Market leader in the area of closed-end funds in Germany for the third year in a row.
Three new fund designs: new introduction of the Real Estate Opportunity America Fund, hitherto available as a one-off exclusively in Germany; structuring of capital-guaranteed notes on hedge funds; placing of the first MPC British life insurence fund with redeemed British life insurance policies.
Key data for 2005: Placed equity EUR 974.1 million, sales EUR 191.3 million, consolidated net income for the year EUR 43.5 million, customers 119,000
Dividend: EUR 4.00 per share, dividend yield of 6.1% related to the XETRA closing price as at December 31, 2005 of EUR 65.80
Prizes: "Scope Award 2005" in the category of "Best issuing house in the segment closed-end ship funds - containers"; "Cash. Financials Advisors Award 2005" in the category of "Closed-end real estate funds" for the Real Estate Opportunity America Fund; "Public award 2005" from the funds & finance trade fair for being the most service-friendly and sales-friendly issuing house.